Bayou Blue Hemp CBD Bath Bombs 100mg

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UPC: 850027470146
Brand: Bayou Blue Hemp CBD Bath Bomb

We offer a variety of scents to choose from including Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Oatmeal Milk & Honey as well a Cool Water. Each bath bomb contains Cannabidiol Isolates as well as other all natural oils including Coconut and Vitamin E. In addition, each individual bath bomb contains specific fragrance essential oils such as Lemon, Lavender, Cool Water or Oatmeal Milk & Honey to give a unique, pleasant, essential scent . By dissolving your choice of one of these all natural CBD-infused products into hot water and soaking, it will help expediate the process of CBD absorption into the skin and bloodstream through the pores.

This nonprescription CBD product has not been FDA approved.

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